Friday, April 12, 2013

Cherry Bomb

So happy to finally take this little beauty out for a spin. April, I must say you are killing it with the weather. There is plenty of sun to accentuate every hue in the world, but a crisp breeze is there to remind us we haven't made it to summer yet. In this case it is a good thing because I have been buckling down, trying to finish off my junior year right. So close, but not there yet. Is it weird that I sort of relish having to work hard? Don't get me wrong sometimes I wish we could fast forward through all the painstaking hours spent writing labs, essays, studying for exams, etc, but I like to look back at everything knowing I put in a good effort. And I might as well look cute while I'm at it. It is impossible not to feel cute in this dress. The punchy color and fun print are great on their own, and the nude heels make it that much more chic. (Heels wisely not worn to school, I would die a painful death by stairs) Red is also a very powerful color. To me it doesn't scream look at me, it sophisticatedly announces look at me, I am ready, I am confident, and I am classic. I would want it to be no other way as I powered through my Bio final. However, I could have received the memo that we were covering the Red Scare and communism in the 1950s in history today before my teacher conveniently mentioned red being a "commy" color while (most likely) deliberately looking at me. Cue an awkward twenty seconds of eye contact with everyone who turned to look at me. Hey at least I am cute.

Urban Outfitters Dress ~ Steve Madden Heels ~ Urban Outfitters Sunglasses ~ Lucky Brand Bracelet

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