Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Streets of Nassau

While the Bahamas surprised me in being more underdeveloped than I thought, little artistic aspects everywhere like doors and wall art gave really inspired me. I think cities in the US could use some more color to liven things up, what do ya think?

A Bahamian Fourth

I know I'm incredibly behind post wise, but bear with me I'll catch up to the present soon. These shots are from July fourth in the Bahamas though, I have to say ironically enough it might have been the best Independence Day celebration I've ever experienced. We spent the day at the Aquaventure in Atlantis and also attended the fireworks celebration and carnival they set up in the evening. The beaches on Paradise Island are wonderful when not as many people are around, which is around sunset. We strolled there after an exhilarating day at the water park and it was just one of those places you let yourself get lost in. I didn't want to waste time doing anything else but drinking in the amazing panoramic views of foamy teal waves and golden warm sand. Just makes you think what a wonderful world, we had to leave the beach soon though to find spots to watch the fireworks. That was crazy. People everywhere, lines for lemonade, ice cream, carnival games, face paint, the works. Finally nine o'clock rolled around and after we appreciated any veterans in our midst the music and fireworks began. I must applaud whoever put the show together because the music went perfectly and evoked what I wanted to feel: patriotism, joy, wonder, and awe. The booms of the explosions never overshadowed the music and that is a commendable feat. Once the show ended we hopped into a taxi and ride over the bridge to the Hilton. While Atlantis does have it's perks, like fabulous amenities, I was glad that we stayed else where and avoided the mass tourists and noise. We went happily back to our hotel at the end of a fun day to peace and quiet. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sun Bum Fun

Of course even a nerd like me isn't all history in a place like the Bahamas! I can't believe I haven't posted for two weeks when I told myself I was going to be better at posting regularly. After the Bahamas we headed to the Pacific Northwest to tour some colleges and then when we got back from that I was hit with an incredible case of the lazies. Anyway I hope you enjoy this little glimpse at island life. The Hilton had the perfect little private beach to relax at almost everyday with floaties and the works for us to use! I spent hours in the water, lounging around taking in the view, and even dozing off more than once. C'mon what's more relaxing than the sound of calm waves with the sun as your blanket? (Don't worry I reapplied my sunscreen like four times a day.) I'm sad sitting here at home wishing I could do it all again instead of having to wake up early and volunteer or wash dishes. Hard knock life right? Just kidding I have it pretty good, I mean I went to the Bahamas for Pete's sake! But in the future island life will be seriously evaluated as a lifestyle option. 

Fort Fincastle

Day two in Nassau and we decide to take in a little history. Fort Fincastle is a small fort built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore (the Governor General of the Bahamas at that time) to defend the island. The Queen's Staircase are 66 steps carved out of limestone by slaves. It was insane thinking about that as I walked down them! Just imagine bending over in the unrelenting Bahamian heat, constructing stairs without modern tools. Kind of blows your mind. I love getting to know about history. I'm always curious about places and the stories they have to tell about people. Like this stone, the old trees, stories are hidden in them but they can never lie. They know what happened, they know the truth, but it's locked away in secrecy forever. Their depth is unfathomable. We as humans can only deduce what about history is the truth. Because we as humans are the only creatures who are able to lie. So we can never be sure.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Fly Girl

En route to the Bahamas! I have already settled in at the British Colonial Hilton in Nassau, but as always with travel things aren't up on time because of the wifi situation. I usually love being on planes but this time wasn't so great. From LAX we had a 4 hour delay and then an overnight layover in Philadelphia, and we stayed in Essington where we had a beautiful dinner on the river. The view was definitely not enough to make up for the heavily salted food and the six bug bites I left with, but we were back in the airport by five am ready to continue our adventure. Another short delay and we were over the ocean heading south for Nassau. I was so excited that strangely enough the three hour flight there seemed to last a lot longer than the 4 hours and 45 minutes to Philly. We landed at around 11 am and the sky was cloudy and the air smelled of a fresh shower. The horrible waiting was over and relaxation was in the air. More of our first day coming soon!