Tuesday, August 27, 2013


I love California. Before, I never understood why people came here on vacations. There didn't seem like much to do or see. However, as I have gotten older, I have gotten to explore my home state a little more. One of the places I used to hate going to was Los Angeles. The tedious drive was always an hour or more of bumper to bumper traffic, and being a bit delicate, I almost always got car sick. Now that I am older and I am in possession of a driver's license, things are a bit different. I get to plan where I want to go and how I get there. The Pacific Coast Highway is my route of choice if I am going south. It plays to my romantic side (romantic in conjunction with romanticism, not the idealized love version, I hate how that is the more commonly used context of the word) and makes the long drive feel less like a chore. Exploring LA is really a treat. Here innovation fuses with style to make building, museums, stores, and restaurants. For those of you who have not read my Philosophy page (located under the Home tab) that is essentially what I am all about. So this summer, I have loved going into the city. Since I am a definite sucker for novelty treats, MILK had been on my radar for quite some time. The whole aesthetic was on par with it cute name, with a hyped up line to match. I must say while everything looked good, it did not deliver for me. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. That is one thing I hate about LA, you can find a lot of experiences like this. It is disappointing to say the least, when something you hoped for wasn't what you expected. Gives me the validation that I want to build something that has it all: creativity and quality. Today, so many things have a designer price tag, and so many rush to grab them. I think in this day and age we are getting a little sloppy and a little stupid. We want what others have even though we can't afford it or we compromise our sense of self to follow a trend. Most of us use Google to find the answers to our homework instead of reading the material. We want the easy way or the quickest way to fame and fortune. For those that haven't heard, fame and fortune don't equal success. Success is a dangerous word, but one of my definitions for it is self - satisfaction. Some of my goals are create films, write articles, design clothes, but I would never dream for them to not be the best. I want the best quality film, the perfect words, and the richest materials. I want to do the work. That might sound a bit hypocritical coming from a smartphone photographer over here, but I am making do with my resources. For me there is a driving force behind what I want to do. I want to create for the people. I aim to connect and introduce new perspectives. I want to remind; remind them of when they were lonely, sad, dissatisfied, so they know not to deliver the same to anyone else. Like a chip on your shoulder. Then I want to give them something. Something that is maybe hard to achieve on their own. With words, clothes, or a helping hand I will bring strength and confidence that will help enhance one's sense of self. I want to do this in order to start celebrating the good and bad, because believe it or not sorrow can be just as beautiful as joy. I want to change the view of the beholder. Stop being sloppy friends, and help others have it all. 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Farm Fresh Bounty

We are now in the home stretch! I start school in two days, TWO! Now I don't mind so much that the season is ending but I will miss the summer produce. I love the farmers' market every Saturday morning. I walk around with my mom and hold the bags, and usually I am rewarded with fresh kettle corn or newly made tamales from the stands. Fruits and vegetables during this season are seriously the best. I mean strawberries are at their sweetest up 'til July, watermelon is good anytime, and don't get me started on tomatoes. It is like Demeter herself put all her happy TLC into these brightly colored beautes. Summer makes me love tomatoes again. It also makes me want to take my healthy habits into the school year. I plan on making more of my lunches (saves money too) instead of grabbing fast food. I'm thinking homemade Greek salad or turkey wraps, alternating spreads between sour cream, salsa, or hummus, just to keep it interesting. This should help me stray from my carb heavy diet. Or if I fall off the wagon and cave, I could pre-cook some whole wheat pasta and mix it with some veggies the night before. Both options are still better than my usual chicken nuggets kid's meal at the Habit (I will admit I also get a shake, but I do not upgrade to the adult size, gotta rein it in somewhere). Let's hope I can stay on track though, fall is the notorious beginning to the comfort food half of the year. But you can always indulge if you're gonna put a little cardio in somewhere. Fo me it isn't really about being skinny, the way I see it is that you are going to have one body for the rest of your life, so take care of it. Predispositions to diseases already run in the family, let's not help the head start right? The elderly ladies I used to volunteer at the library with always told me to take care of myself before I start getting old. That's when everything seems to break down. I fully intend to heed their advice. But they definitely were not helping with all the cupcakes and cookies they kept bringing in every week! Humans... they talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Sounds

I have decided to start a mini series about the sound tracks of the seasons of my life. This year has just been a breakthrough to me. I think I've gained a confidence and understanding that will ever be unique to me. I have figured out that I want to convey feelings in every medium possible. Feelings are so universal. Hate, Love, Contentment, despair, all encompass a part of the human experience. Yet the varying amplitudes in which they happen to a person in a specific moment are what sets each of our experiences apart. Each measure of an emotion can be captured through film, photography, literature, art, etc. Music is a special unit of measurement in the way a melody can fill your entire being up while words add depth. You can take music and attach it to a moment and it becomes apart of your story. So with that this mini series is an ever evolving log of myself. But I guess this could also be you just finding some great new artists to add to your repertoire. Hey I'm pleased with that too. 

1. Animal Shapes (album) by Geographer - discovered them thanks to the Getty. They give off a mellowness and a whimsy through the creative use of cello and synthesizers, but the lead vocalist and lyrics balance it out with a straightforward simplicity. Also check out a newer song called Lover's Game. Animal shapes is a bit older just because I usually find people's old stuff to be better.

2. Kitsune maison compilation 12: The Good Fun Edition (album) by various artists - I love most of this album when I want to listen to something good and fun. So kudos to the people at kitsune maison for putting together an incredible compilation that satisfies the name.

3. The Neighborhood (albums: I'm Sorry and I Love You) - My sister actually went to high school with the lead singer Jesse Rutherford, and I'm incredibly jealous because I was just a couple years behind! I love Jesse as lead vocals, he really has a nice quality to his voice. The lyrics and beats are really fresh and young, and overall just good music to chill to, whether you're cruising around or cleaning your room. I am also a huge fan of their music videos and cover art, the black, gray, and white scheme reinforces a moodiness that just defines the band and their music. 

4. Lana Del Rey - I had a little bit of a problem with her at first. I refused to even give her music a shot because all the wannabe hipsters were head over heels for her, and there was no way in hell I was joining them. But as it happens one of my best friends is actually a semi hipster (music wise at least) and she would always play her in the car as we went out to lunch. I found myself inquiring about her and after embarrassingly being told it was Lana Del Rey (like I've been living under a rock) I caved and listened to her songs. She has such a uniqueness in her musicality and overall presence. Plus the lyrics are so intriguing, I guess you can say I am in on the infatuation now too.

5. Maiden & Pilgrim by Mø - I found her while perusing the set list of Iceland airwaves. I believe she is Danish, but it doesn't matter what she is, girl's got sick beats.  I think I would describe it as Euro electo pop, but just have a little listen and you'll see.

Friday, August 23, 2013













Boy am I so glad I am under eighteen. That way I get in for free at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. This was my first time there, but wow this place is such a treat. I have so much appreciation for all the exhibits I saw here, but as you can probably tell, I am especially drawn to the more contemporary pieces. I love being able to mesh traditional things with technology in order to reinvent them. So please enjoy all the pictures I took! Everyone should get to experience this.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Keep Cool

As August, along with summer, nears its close I want to remind all of y'all to stay hydrated, to wear some spf, and to go out and do the things you haven't gotten to do with your free time yet! There's a couple things left on my summer to-do list that I wanna check off. So hurry up! Time does not stop for anybody.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Geographer at the Getty

The Getty Museum does this free concert series about once a month during the summertime. Last year my sister and I wanted to see Nick Waterhouse perform, but we didn't know about how busy it would get. So this year we were definitely more prepared and came about three hours before, but even doing that we still had to park in a separate lot across the street. It was a really nice summer outing to a museum for a few hours. Then we grabbed some sandwiches at the museum cafe and staked out spots on a low wall that we would be able to stand on later. At the time we got there Geographer was doing their sound check, and well just from that I was giddy with excitement. They are so incredibly amazing live, and they played most of my favorites that night. I love LA so much, there's so many things to see and do. More on my thoughts about the music in a new series I am going to start! I definitely need to go to the Getty Villa soon, I haven't been since I was in middle school, and it is another one of my favorites. Museums are so underrated. I love expanding my knowledge in every way and art is such a universal way of getting to understand other cultures. I actually think the perfect date would be a museum and a meal. Keep note boys!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Days Off The 405

I like to think of this one as me and my sister hehe.

 We took a little trip down to one of my favorite places in LA: The Getty! I love being outside and admiring the sculptures and the gardens. When you get too warm it is time to check out the the nicely air conditioned exhibits.  My favorite past exhibits were Klimt and this one photographer, wow I really can't recall his name, but he was an editorial photographer in fashion and everything was black and white. I think I liked his photos because the black and white were so dynamic with his use of light. I wanted to keep things really simple so I could move freely but still be warm when it got dark, so I wore a simple maxi in a brilliant color to keep things fun. I did have a turquoise bracelet on but I took it off and I don't remember why. More on why we stayed 'til night in the next post. Hope you enjoy the shots of my little slice of LA heaven.

H&M Maxi ~ Old Navy Flip Flops ~ Forever 21 Tote 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Meet Me at the Water

"Meet me at the water / Where all your dreams come true"
Steal Your Heart ~ Augustana

My mom was extremely keen on visiting the Oregon Coast whilst we were in the state. So I scheduled an early tour of U of O, and once that was over we all piled into the rental for the two hour drive to the beach. Our campus guide at OSU the day before had recommended we go to Florence because it was the nearest. I was out the whole the way there and only woke up as we were making our way through a  labyrinth of seaside neighborhoods. Finally my sister had the brilliant idea of following all the tsunami evacuation signs to the beach and we parked in a small gravel lot. You couldn't see much of the ocean from the lot as there were mountainous sand dunes with heads full of grasses rippling in the wind. I was the first to jump out of the car and climb them because the others were positively shocked by temperature of the wind. I mean I was in a dress so I was still freezing but I had been using a cardigan as a blanket in the car so it wasn't as bad for me. They should have brought some sweaters, but in true California fashion most of my family (and sister's friend) were in shorts and flip flops with not even two jackets to share between them. At the top of the first dune I was dumbfounded. To the right miles and miles of undulating dunes with patches of grasses and great hunks of driftwood strewn about like they had been brought by a hurricane. On my left, an inlet to the sparkling sea. Every color was heightened by sunlight and enhanced by the harmony of wailing wind and splashes of water on the rocks. I think that memory of the first time I laid eyes on it all, alone at the top of the sand dune, will remain as one of my most vivid memories. When I wasn't busy snapping postcard worthy shots, I simply sank onto my knees to absorb the warmth of the sand and just stared. I was worried I would forget every detail so I stared and stared all around me, until it was ingrained into my heart and my eyes hurt from the halo like sunlight. After sitting on the dunes enjoying the view and each others' company, we finally decided to leave because we were all famished. So we headed into Florence in search of some good eats. We found that in Mo's. Great comfort seafood. I mean they rubbed a stick of butter in the bowls before they pour in the clam chowder. A little disturbing but totally genius. And we rode back utterly contented.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oregon Eats

Wow I will not go starving if I end up going to the University of Oregon in Eugene. They have the cutest local eats. I had gnocchi at Noli Italian Cafe. Even though it was piping hot it was so delicious I probably finished the whole plate in eight minutes, and I had to just sit there waiting for everyone else to finish their meals. They also had art on every wall that was for sale from local artists. I think it was an excellent way to furnish the place and help out the community. After a lovely dinner, we went next door to Sweet Life Patisserie. Before we went into Noli we had seen everyone outside with their little treats and gorgeous cups of hot cocoa and espresso. So we all saved room for a little sweet. The place was so cute with so many tantalizing options. I ended up with a cannoli and chocolate mousse. I was also eyeing the abundance of meringues but we had already paid when I saw them. The cannoli was nothing special but the mousse was very good. It had an edible chocolate cup (which I saved and ate the next day) and the mousse was thick and rich. It was real cocoa which is appreciated. I also shared a hot chocolate with my sister but it was more than we could handle. So we left with our bellies contented and with a little bit of a sugar high, although that was probably just me.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Skate Date

A decent walk down from my uncle's house and you reach the edge of the lake, a playground, and this skate park. I was entirely delighted that no one was there, and we had it all to ourselves for pictures. And for sliding down the ramps in a very unladylike fashion me being in a skirt and all, but there are no pictures of that. Ok there is a video of me doing it, but there's no way it is going up on here! We had taken a morning walk with my uncle's dogs and let me tell you, it was freezing that morning. I took off my cardigan and braved the wind to bring you these pictures. I had to! The cardigan did not match my outfit and I only packed so many warm things. Weather reports should really take into account wind temperature because it was not in the 70 degree range that morning. Even in the cold I wanted to wear this outfit because I planned to wear it on this day, and I was not deviating from the plan. I love the cute little librarian feel to this skirt. The A-line is completely flattering, buttons add interest, and the corduroy fabric brings in texture. I paired it with a light and wispy cami with a black and white triangle scheme to keep with the neutral bookish look while still being girly. I always kind of disagreed when people said that style reflected one's personality. I went through a stud phase, and I am the least punky, grungy, tough girl out there. Well I would say I am tough but not physically, just mentally. Style is has always been whatever I am attracted to or what look/ feel I want to emit for that day. But I guess those people who say it reflects personality can be right to some degree. I feel like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars whenever I wear this skirt. I must confess that their outfits are like the only reason I keep watching it. I could never fit into one specific style though. I like a little bit of everything, but I have always liked the idea of having a defined style. It is like a place you belong. Oh well, I've never even had a solid friend group until now! I am usually the girl who is friends with everyone, being close to select people in various groups, and there's nothing wrong with that. Might be because adaptability and understanding are huge parts of my life philosophy. Those are some of the qualities I pride myself in. I guess I'm a Chameleon for life :)