Friday, November 9, 2012

Garnet Galavant

Welcome to fall in California, where the standard recipe for a high school girl's "cold weather"outfit is a sweater paired with black leggings and boots. Of course, I had to put my own spin on it with a gold sequined sweater for texture and some maroon leggings that I got for $5 last year because I didn't want to dish out a ton of cash on actual pants. They also work quite well under jeans on days that are actually cold; a tip from my mother who lived in Switzerland who always felt too warm in those overheated buildings, but still needed some insulation while walking from place to place in the snow. This go-to California outfit was not so great while traipsing about the neighborhood shopping plaza in gusty winds today. However, I cannot complain about the temperature since it is never any lower than 50 degrees, and earlier this week just happened to almost hit 90. One thing I will complain about is the serious lack of colorful, fallen leaves. What you see in these pictures is about what we get for the whole season, and they score disappointingly low on the crunch-when-stepped-on scale. Also, you can get especially jealous if your sister goes to school on the east coast and loves to brag about how it actually changes seasons there. Speaking of the east coast my thoughts go out to all those affected by Sandy, and I pray you are all well! I hope you enjoyed this little dose of Californian style, and please ignore my lack of makeup (it was just one of those days). More outfit posts coming soon, so make sure to check back and tell your friends!

Sweater: Urban Outfitters ~ Leggings: Forever 21 ~ Boots: Report
Photography and Editing done by Nicole Duong
Much thanks my dear!

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