Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just Say No

This most might not go over well with about half the female population. However, I really need to voice my outrage because nowadays I cannot even step into a mall without being bombarded by horrific sites everywhere. Today we are talking about trends that  R E A L L Y need to go away. That is really with caps lock AND double space action because I need y'all to feel my point. 
Let's get started...

1. High Low Skirts
Oh my. Just oh my, heaven help me to not go around with a pair of scissors cutting off every "tail" I see. Please understand that high low skirts are not flattering, they highlight a really weird looking part of the body: YOUR KNEES! I know all you girls love the flowy look of it but please do not buy these there are other skirts that do not rip off your money. I mean half of it is missing for crying out loud! So even if you have attractive knees or don't mind being ripped off, just say no to this awful trend.

2. Shredded Tops
I am talking about those shirts that have a dozen slits in the back all in succession that look like Edward Scissorshands took to them in the middle of the night. First off, there are other more flattering ways to showcase your back. Second, putting a bandeau underneath does not make it okay. Don't even get me started on the sweater versions! Your whole back is exposed yet it is winter. You do know that a sweater was meant to keep you warm right, ladies? Please just say no.

3. Overused prints (Crosses, Infinity signs, Tigers, Cats, etc)
Ok I feel like everyone is forgetting what a cross represents. People have been slapping it on various types of apparel in order to achieve a cool, punky look. Excuse me but if you aren't wearing it because you love Jesus Christ then please take it off. It gets to me because I feel like making crosses in cheetah print is desecrating it in a way. Tigers and other cats on shirts need to go. I mean I am a cat person. A cat fanatic, I follow two cat pages on Instagram, trust me this girl loves her some cats. However enough is enough, it is no longer cool when everyone comes out with their own low quality versions of them. Infinity signs just stop please. Infinity signs with the word love intertwined in it? Ugh puke. The only person who will love you infinitely no matter what people tell you is God. So ya might as well wear a Jesus Loves Me shirt instead. 

4. Doc Martens
I have been against these shoes ever since I was a young child. They look like killer clown shoes. Put them back, please.

5. Chiffon Everything or Synthetic Chiffon Look Alike Everything
Chiffon has been one of my favorite fabrics since childhood, it was light and airy and gave off an ethereal effect. However please stop adding it to everything! Not everything is meant to be see through! Like button up shirts! Someone help please because I cannot seem to find one that isn't "chiffon" anywhere. I have been looking for a good ole sturdy cotton button up in a dark green but of course I must be ahead of my time. I seem to be ahead of my time for everything, I had an affinity for circle skirts and pastels ever since my early youth (both very in now), had denim jackets as a staple since the fifth grade, and I called hiker boots becoming a trend two years before it happened. Please don't mistake this all for childish fancy, I was very aware of my fashion decisions and what was in and out with me.

6. Flatforms
How do people even walk in these..? They also make your feet oddly proportioned with your body. I mean I might be biased since I am a size 8.5 - 9 in shoes with a very petite frame. But just say no.

That would be all for now. I think I have ranted enough! I hope everyone has had a peaceful 9/11, and I would like to take this moment to hold all those who lost their lives in remembrance. May they rest in paradise.


  1. amen to #1, although I definitely own a few cat printed things and I still stand by them.

    1. Haha I have one cat shirt and it is a favorite! I meant the pictures of ones that get blown up and put on dresses and the eyes end up on your boobs. Those just go a little too far.