Monday, September 30, 2013


Alright everyone. I am documenting my somewhat healthier meal choices before baked goods season opens. I made a meal from scratch Sunday night to treat my parents to a night when they didn't have to pay an exorbitant dinner price or exert effort in making dinner.  I tried to incorporate what we already had in the house ingredients wise, but I ended up needing to buy pine nuts for my linguine (the actual pasta used is spaghetti, linguine just sounds better plus that was what was used in the recipe) with pea pesto. Pine nuts as they turn out are a pretty expensive ingredient, but they came in a nice packet with plenty more to use in the future. I suppose with me having to buy pine nuts, I could have just made a normal pesto, but I had my heart set on the pea version after having something of the same likeness on a crostini many moons ago. The dish was extremely easy to make, and I am quite proud of the fact that I forced my pea averse brother to eat his veggies by offering no escape from a pureed sauce. This post is titled processed because I literally processed the peas to get my sauce but also it isn't processed in the sense that it did not come from a jar. Little victories in the battle with icky food preservatives, people.  Also, it was the first time I had cooked pasta (from a box sadly, I am 16, I do not have time to roll out fresh pasta) by myself, and judging by my success, it shall happen more often in the future. The time spent cooking was so much fun that i completely forgot to document the steps with pictures, but I have substituted it with a picture of the leftovers I had for lunch today. Along the whole no preservatives line, I continue to support my local Pressed Juicery. They make juices and such fresh and add absolutely no preservatives. I drank the leftover half of my vanilla almond milk this morning. Leftovers are so brilliant and so easy. It is like reliving a good meal, who doesn't want that? Anyway, I hope y'all decide to cook at home and to support the locals more often! 

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I always say that I just want to drift through life. Like as a swimmer, I love floating and staring at the sky aka drifting. I just want to let life take me like the water does as long as there is promise of a killer view and soundtrack. So with cooler days approaching, the community pool is going to become the Arctic and mellow drives will have to suffice. Drifting is nice in the way it helps you think, and I love thinking. In fact, I am an overthinker. So it is nice in the way it helps me not think and just enjoy as well. I love how the simplest things are the best to help unwind. Just shows that we really have to shed some of our new-fangled (oh dear I hope that is a word, I vaguely recall reading it in historical fiction books, but I hope y'all know what I mean) ideals of activity and just let ourselves be. So please enjoy the dash of a Mini I drove recently superimposed on the road at night, and the back view of a car driving down the PCH. I guess they mean keep an eye on your speed and the view from the back is nice every once in a while. So I will end with the customary conclusion of Youtuber Louis Cole, " Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure."

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cool Cat

I know I said I did not like the excessive use of cat prints that are on clothes right now. However, I was mostly referring to the blown up digital versions of cats that get slapped onto just about everything. I happen to be a cat person though, and it was just natural for me to have a cat shirt. I bought this shirt last year because it simplified the print to a simple scattering of a black silhouette. From a distance, the black and white print can be mistaken for normal polka dots, however, upon closer inspection, cats are distinguished giving insight into my personality. The subtlety of this shirt makes it so extremely versatile, I find myself wearing it with everything. People at school especially liked it when I paired it with this textured cobalt skirt. This outfit was such a no-brainer that the rave reaction took me by surprise. I could have sworn everyone was in on some kind of joke, that was how much praise my ensemble received. Not to brag in anyway of course. I never dress for the compliments; I simply wear what I like. Along the way, a compliment or two keeps me motivated though! ;)

Urban Outfitters Shirt ~ ASOS Skirt ~ J.Crew Suede Flats




              I am obsessed with coconut. I will take each and every shape and form: milk, juice, meat, ice      cream, even body products! So naturally it was about time that I baked with it. I took the recipe from my go-to food blog, Smitten Kitchen, with some minor adjustments. They have a wonderful lightness and texture, and they are only slightly sweet, making it *seem* perfectly acceptable to devour them all by yourself. Happy Baking!

Sunday, September 22, 2013


Obligatory Selfie

Boy is life getting busy. School is beginning to feel like school again, I recently took the ACT (don't get me started - we are simply not given enough time), the SAT is sneaking up on me, the homecoming dance is soon and I haven't found a suitable dress, and college applications are beginning to open. How will I ever remember to do it all? Plus The Mindy Project and New Girl just came back with Vampire Diaries on its way! Time needs to have a pause button. Statement pieces like this skirt I wore to a friend's eighteenth birthday are absolutely essential when you want to look cute in a time crunch. The ACT was yesterday morning, and I was so pooped when I got home that I forgot about the party until my dad reminded me. So I quickly threw this outfit together and rushed off. I am so glad I bought it back in the summer; I was a bit conflicted because I didn't think I needed another skirt. The sale price however convinced me and I am very pleased with my purchase. Besides the stellar print, I especially love the almost muted combination of teal, orange, and white. It is very unconventional to me, and I think they shall be my new fall colors. Actually quite unconventional because up until this year, I have had a strong aversion to all things orange. I did dip my toes in though with a creamsicle nail polish this summer, it was literally on my toes hehe. Anyway I got numerous compliments on the skirt throughout the night, so mission accomplished. I just hope college apps will be as easy as throwing this outfit together. Wish me luck! If I don't post much in October/November that would be why. So see y'all on the flip side.

Wow did I just say type that. I saw it in someone's tweet an thought it sounded cool. He doesn't even know what it means and neither do I. Oh slang these days.

Shoutout to Jason my brother who thinks blogging is "stupid" which therefore makes me "lame." Or was it the other way around? Oh well, he still took these photos for me so thanks little brother, I guess I'll make it up to you with Taco Bell?

Skirt: Zara ~ Tank: Aerie ~ Wedges: Foreign Exchange

Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Throwback to a really casual day at the end of summer. The week before school began I went to meet up with my cousin, Jade, at Knott's Berry Farm. I hadn't seen her all summer after literally being together once a month in the spring! She was there for cheer camp so we decided that it was now or never, so I threw some comfy clothes on and hopped in the car for the one hour and forty minute drive south. I've been missing her so much, but we will see each other again in November for a wedding and Thanksgiving. Maybe she will be in more future blog posts! 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Acquired Taste

After talking about things I really don't like last week, let's talk about some things I do. Today I am sharing things I have previously abhorred but have now grown on me. 

1. Snakeskin 
Snakeskin used to be soo tacky. However, lately I have been appreciating accessories of it in new neutrals or pastels. Picture a delicate stiletto in pale pink or mint. Ugh just to die for. Just stay away from the usual black, gray, and white print, the goal here is subtlety.

2. Turtlenecks
My mom would try to put me in these as a child, but I always felt like I was being strangled. Now I have an oversized marled sweater with a short, loose turtleneck on my wish list for fall. The key here is the looser version, it helps me cope with feeling like my neck is being attacked.

3. Tweed
I used to think tweed was something only  old secretary ladies with no fashion sense wore. I must say the modern take on it by jcrew and other stores has caught my attention with the introduction of neon colors to the fabric. Also keeping my eye out for a tweed mini in a neutral color like white or pale pink.

4. Hiking Boots
You could not get me into hiking boots as a kid, I just would not have it. My dad was always so frustrated with me about it. I called this coming into fashion back when combat boots first became a trend.  I hated the fake leathery look of combat boots, so I tried to come up with an alternative. I ultimately decided on Timberland hiking boots, but I never ended up acting upon this decision.

5. Pony Hair
Pony hair used to give me the heebeegeebees. Is that even spelled right.. Oh well ya get what I mean. That is until I saw a mannequin made of green pony hair in Nordstrom and then I fell in love. Pony hair in black and calf/ sort of leopard print is the way to go. I also strangely love stroking my pony hair belt whenever I wear it. i'm just weird though.

6. Skulls (to a degree)
My dad hates skull prints. That seemed to be instilled in me up until present times. My friend has a shirt with little filigree skulls dotting it and I was converted. Don't get me wrong I still don't like them that much and the are overused, but if I ever find a similar print I'm buying it! Sorry to copy Victoria!

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Just Say No

This most might not go over well with about half the female population. However, I really need to voice my outrage because nowadays I cannot even step into a mall without being bombarded by horrific sites everywhere. Today we are talking about trends that  R E A L L Y need to go away. That is really with caps lock AND double space action because I need y'all to feel my point. 
Let's get started...

1. High Low Skirts
Oh my. Just oh my, heaven help me to not go around with a pair of scissors cutting off every "tail" I see. Please understand that high low skirts are not flattering, they highlight a really weird looking part of the body: YOUR KNEES! I know all you girls love the flowy look of it but please do not buy these there are other skirts that do not rip off your money. I mean half of it is missing for crying out loud! So even if you have attractive knees or don't mind being ripped off, just say no to this awful trend.

2. Shredded Tops
I am talking about those shirts that have a dozen slits in the back all in succession that look like Edward Scissorshands took to them in the middle of the night. First off, there are other more flattering ways to showcase your back. Second, putting a bandeau underneath does not make it okay. Don't even get me started on the sweater versions! Your whole back is exposed yet it is winter. You do know that a sweater was meant to keep you warm right, ladies? Please just say no.

3. Overused prints (Crosses, Infinity signs, Tigers, Cats, etc)
Ok I feel like everyone is forgetting what a cross represents. People have been slapping it on various types of apparel in order to achieve a cool, punky look. Excuse me but if you aren't wearing it because you love Jesus Christ then please take it off. It gets to me because I feel like making crosses in cheetah print is desecrating it in a way. Tigers and other cats on shirts need to go. I mean I am a cat person. A cat fanatic, I follow two cat pages on Instagram, trust me this girl loves her some cats. However enough is enough, it is no longer cool when everyone comes out with their own low quality versions of them. Infinity signs just stop please. Infinity signs with the word love intertwined in it? Ugh puke. The only person who will love you infinitely no matter what people tell you is God. So ya might as well wear a Jesus Loves Me shirt instead. 

4. Doc Martens
I have been against these shoes ever since I was a young child. They look like killer clown shoes. Put them back, please.

5. Chiffon Everything or Synthetic Chiffon Look Alike Everything
Chiffon has been one of my favorite fabrics since childhood, it was light and airy and gave off an ethereal effect. However please stop adding it to everything! Not everything is meant to be see through! Like button up shirts! Someone help please because I cannot seem to find one that isn't "chiffon" anywhere. I have been looking for a good ole sturdy cotton button up in a dark green but of course I must be ahead of my time. I seem to be ahead of my time for everything, I had an affinity for circle skirts and pastels ever since my early youth (both very in now), had denim jackets as a staple since the fifth grade, and I called hiker boots becoming a trend two years before it happened. Please don't mistake this all for childish fancy, I was very aware of my fashion decisions and what was in and out with me.

6. Flatforms
How do people even walk in these..? They also make your feet oddly proportioned with your body. I mean I might be biased since I am a size 8.5 - 9 in shoes with a very petite frame. But just say no.

That would be all for now. I think I have ranted enough! I hope everyone has had a peaceful 9/11, and I would like to take this moment to hold all those who lost their lives in remembrance. May they rest in paradise.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Grove

I know I have been talking about thought stimulation, but hey can't deprive the other senses either! What better place for both than at the Grove/Farmer's Market with a free concert! The day was filled with the perusing of stores, sampling of favorites (Loteria enchiladas and white chocolate covered gummy bears from Dylan's), and sweet, sweet nostalgia. I do love me my free concerts, and the Backstreet Boys was an extra special treat. Despite standing in a sweaty crowd for hours and a girl with horridly synthetically colored red hair elbowing my back until she got in front of me, the music made it all (somewhat) okay. And after getting out of the structure was a frozen nightmare (we moved twenty feet in two hours), parking was astronomical because we left three hours after we paid. We were not trying to cheat the system at all that was just how slowly the traffic in the structure was moving! Leading us to the moral of the story: just go pay to see BSB in concert. It is sooo worth it.

*Concert happened back in July*

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Well Here Goes..

Ok. So I do have another passion in my life that I have not announced on this blog. I am extremely shy about this so I cannot believe a friend convinced me to do this, but I love to sing. My parents and some people at school have told me to try out for American Idol, the X factor, and what not but I am not entirely convinced I want to be a singer. It is kind of just something that brings me a lot of joy and I do it for myself. Also, I do not really believe in the whole enter a contest win and be famous and rich and successful thing. Like there is so much more value in putting in the hard work of going out, networking, giving your demo to people, and waiting for all your effort to be rewarded. It is the older way and it is harder, but there is more satisfaction in it I think. However, concerning this video I guess I just wanted to share my joy with the world, so without further ado, here is my Cover of Put Your Records On

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not an Apology

Well haven't I been a handful. You all probably were not prepared for those two intense posts, and I guess neither was I. My thoughts in the moment had to be set free, and who was I to stop them. I want to state now that my blog will no longer be chiefly fashion oriented. From the start I have called Coast of Kings a "lifestyle blog," and now I think it truly is one. A lifestyle does not merely consist of what one does or wears or eats, but instead I believe one's life philosophy is the basis of it all. What causes us to wear this or eat that or act a certain way. This blog is not only a project that serves as practice for a career in journalism or an addition to college applications (the two honest original purposes). From now on it shall always be a tool. A tool that I will use to find myself. To put my thoughts down, sort through them, and make decisions about everything.  A place where I can make my own rules. I have complete creative control. It will also be an instrument that I will use to reach one of my life goals: reaching people through a message. I want to help people think, aspire, and dream. When I am not content with things, I think of a way to change it. While I cannot always implement a change, this blog will forevermore be a way that I can. I am not satisfied with this world and society. And I will not be done until I have made my mark.

With this established, we will be continuing on with more light hearted matters like fashion, travel, etc. Those are the more tangible areas of my lifestyle. I think I just hated that all the bloggers I have idolized haven't done much more. Sure they might have broken out and become entrepreneurs in their own rights, but I find myself ultimately lacking something in their blogs. I was lacking stimulating thought. Just now there is room for both here at Coast of Kings. 

Liberation by means of frivolity and philosophical fecundity.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Driftwood at Dusk

  Wow, what a wonderful world. These photos were taken back in August at Sycamore Cove Beach in Point Mugu State Park.  I always talk about how blessed I am to live in such a beautiful environment where I get to experience a variety of biomes like the chaparral and marine biomes like the intertidal zone (thank you IB Biology). However, now that school has started my new favorite class has got to be AP Environmental Science or APES for short. Within just three days of this class (my school has a block schedule), my views about the relationship between humans and nature have been dramatically expanded. Now I haven't exactly undergone the normal science route at my school; under my belt I have both Honors Chemistry and Biology, along with a more in-depth beginning course of IB Bio/Chem. So going into AP Physics and APES this year I feel like I have a bit of an advantage with all the interconnected information I have gained from my past three years of high school science. I love taking my knowledge of science and applying it into my writing. I feel that it gives it a little something extra. However those who aren't so keen on such topics, I will try not to bore you to death as long as you try to hear what I have to say. 

The first thing we have learned about in APES is called "The Tragedy of the Commons" a principle made famous by Professor Garrett Hardin. The Tragedy of the Commons has to do with resources. Resources that no one can regulate, resources that we all share. Like the fish in the ocean, grass for grazing, and the very air we breathe. However, with our ever growing population, we are in constant demand for such "common" resources. Say the carrying capacity or the capacity an area's resources can sustain, of a particular ocean community was 2500 fish. Obviously, fishermen are out in the ocean trying to make a living to feed their families and earn their livelihood. In an ideal world if everyone took as many fish in order to support themselves while still leaving enough in the ocean to be replenished, then the world would be fine and dandy. People unfortunately do not work that way. Some are greedier than others, more ambitious, or simply unaware or have no regard for the fish. So they are the ones who take more than they need out of the ocean in order to reap enormous gains for themselves. While there is nothing wrong with a little ambition, those who only took their share might feel cheated and in turn start to do the same. So then fish are harvested until the supply has been depleted and people are left without a livelihood. That my friends is the Tragedy of the Commons. Common resources come to tragic ends. 

Another example Hardin used in an essay was National Parks. Visitors are free to come and go in order to experience the "preserved beauty and wildlife of nature." Even though these places are protected, just by visiting we erode the very soil that is integral to that ecosystem. The soil might have been compacted in order to keep roots of plants down, and now it isn't. This past year my community experienced a raging fire that burned from the city of Camarillo all the way to Malibu. Driving down the PCH, the fire is still a fresh presence in the charred hills and skeletal shrubs. Wildfires are actually essential to ecosystems like the ones here in Malibu. Fire actually helps some seeds open to reproduce and they also clear away bad weeds that compete with the native plants. Even though the blackened hill sides are depressing to most, it makes me happy to know that the Earth is just back in a cycle of renewal and rebirth. The reason the fire actually got so bad here this past June was most likely because it had reason to keep burning. Despite our ignorantly sincere efforts, we sometimes need to know when our actions are hurting instead of helping. 

Surely people are becoming more aware, and we can stop fishing or overgrazing or cutting down trees. However awareness is not the only factor. I have always thought, when discussing politics, that as much as I would love for the United States to convert over to more eco-friendly forms of policy, we cannot get to that unless we fix other problems with the system*. Other problems that jeopardize our basic needs as humans. If people are starving and need the fish, their needs will be put before the wildlife's. It is human nature, and it is nothing to be ashamed of. People who have stable conditions of life have amazing luxuries. I am not just talking about material luxuries, but of ethical luxuries. We have the time to be able to think about helping the environment and the time to stand on a sidewalk protesting or writing petitions to save the environment. Some people are not so lucky. 

So how do we take such a luxury and make the most of it while still keeping society in mind? I honestly have no clue. But it is something for all of us to think about. For one day, I do believe we can figure it out. While at this moment, I am quite disgusted by humanity's degradation of the earth and the role I play in it, I cannot change what I am. And because of that we need to use things unique to our humanity to change the future. Things like the ability to think logically and critically but also the ability to have heart and empathize. Humanity has had some great moments, but some of its greatest are yet to come.

* This view was also shared by my teacher who reminds us to constantly keep in mind other workings of society while approaching this subject, as both are intensely intertwined. I think this is very wise, and I think I shall apply it to other areas besides his class.