Friday, November 1, 2013

Hallow's Eve

My Halloween costume this year! I was a flapper completely of clothes and jewelry lying around the house. I find making or putting together a costume is a lot more fruitful than buying one, but if you are younger, always be a Disney Princess. I think I was Mulan three years in a row, but it wasn't store bought. I always wanted a store bought Ariel costume though. Ariel was my FAVORITE Disney princess. I loved to sing and she was an amazing singer, and I loved to swim and she was a mermaid! Plus I thought she had the best hair even though it was the same shade of ketchup. Any way I hope everyone had a fun Halloween! I just went out to dinner with a friend and stayed home to pass out candy and catch up on TV. Then I went to sleep at ten. It was a glorious night of rest. Thanksgiving is soon, then my birthday, and then Christmas! It is going to be super busy for me this holiday season, but I plan on squeezing in as many holiday activities as possible! Let the festivities begin!

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