Thursday, September 11, 2014

Mornin' Glory

I went birding today. 

Not something I would actually do on my own. One of my best friends is an avid birder however, and  I thought I would give it a try because he likes it. We looked through plots of tamarisks (pictured in the first photo) that were used as wind breaks for a park and some crops. We saw yellow warblers, townsend warblers, some bushtits (I giggled inappropriately in my head at this name), and one other species that I cannot recall. Not a very lucky day, as he hadn't seen the more uncommon warblers we were looking for. I couldn't get any pictures of them either, for the tamarisks didn't allow much light to get through and the birds were too fidgety for me to locate them long enough. I don't really have a passion for birds, but I am always open to learning about wildlife. Spending time outdoors with a good friend in the warm early morning sun is also a treat in itself. I really appreciated just walking along a fairly empty road, listening the the chirpy shenanigans of the birds. It was so very peaceful and calming. I don't even mind that my sandals and feet got a little muddy, but that is my bad for poor judgement in footwear for the activity. I am happy I finally went birding with my friend though, as he is leaving to go somewhere for a long while. I guess I will dedicate this post to him, good luck, I will miss ya, but look out for my letters! 

Going to college and all, I am bound to make new friends. I really want to try and stay in touch with a select few though. Just people who love me inside and out, and I the same with them. So here is to the new and staying in touch with the old, let us never lose each other in the journey called life.


Also, in honor of this day and its significance to myself & fellow Americans, I am so thankful that I am alive and got to savor the quiet of this morning. Thirteen years ago was definitely a different story for everyone. Rest in peace to those who lost their lives on 9/11 and to those in the conflict that followed after. 

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