Friday, August 29, 2014

LA Day

famed avocado toast at gget

Bar at gget

The Los Angeles is such a mix of eclectic aesthetics. One neighborhood I ended up exploring this summer was Larchmont Village, where the coffee bar Go Get Em Tiger is located. It was a gorgeously sunny day. The people working and perusing the area were diverse and some of the most incredibly friendly people I have met in LA. Obviously, Amoeba isn't located on Larchmont but rather in Hollywood which was definitely busier. Then again it had been later in the day once we got to Amoeba, so more people had probably ventured out into the day by then. I would be in LA all the time just exploring if only the traffic wasn't excruciating; it takes forever to travel the same distance I would travel in 15 minutes out here in the suburbs. Anyway, as school draws closer for me, I won't be out in LA as much, also seeing as any friends willing to go with me have left for college already. It's a low blow; the Allah - Las are playing soon and I have no one to go with. I guess it is time to rewatch some of my favorite tv series and reread my favorite books to pass the time. Not a bad thing, but not as adventurous and productive as I would like. 

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