Friday, February 15, 2013

Shamrock Stripes

This year my family is getting ready for spring early. It's a little more than halfway through February and a lot of our spring cleaning is already done! For me the best way to introduce the new season was mixing pastels with a nice dark evergreen. I received this stunning necklace as a gift and cannot get enough of it! It also reels in plenty of compliments, so thanks Blair! My style has been evolving very rapidly lately, and I think it is because parts of my personality are changing. I am becoming a little more daring in my clothing choices and going for things people my age normally don't gravitate to. Which is a departure from me always wanting to be delicate, romantic, and effortless. However, coming up with these outfits is truly effortless for me, and they make me happy. So I don't care if my friends will say it is cute, but also be a little apprehensive about ever wearing it themselves. Because I like shirts with zebra heads on them or one with a really bold grid print that might be a tad too busy. I love it all. My head is bustling with creative ideas, and I find satisfaction in creating interesting ensembles from pieces people normally don't work with. I like wearing something that no one else will wear. Mixing stripes and polka dots? Sure! Add some pop by contrasting pastels and jewel tones? Why not! Clothes and fashion, for me, are the best way I can set myself apart from everyone else. I am not your average sixteen year old girl, and when people look at me, I want them to know I have a unique story. So while I believe fashion has some strict rules that everyone should adhere to (like don't pair knits with another knit that is the same pattern or skirts have to sit at the appropriate part of your waist or the whole outfit could be ruined), it is also a part of life where you don't have to live by the book. Now go forth and enjoy what you want to wear!

Forever 21 Sweater ~ Gifted Striped Dress ~ Aerie Polka Dot Tights ~ Nordstrom Necklace ~ Urban Outfitters Bracelet ~ Report Boots

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