Friday, February 15, 2013

The Red Queen

Happy Day After Valentine's Day! I have always been a little on the fence about peplum. I like them in some dresses, but tops, I was definitely iffy on. I always see Hailey Baldwin wearing them in her Instagram pictures, and while she could definitely pull it off, I just never really took a liking to them. My friend got me this top for my birthday and I instantly loved the color, but was unsure if I would ever wear it. Until I took it out to dinner with my family, and it was the simplest, semi-dressy outfit ever. Easy to move in and comfortable to sit in, this outfit was a total dream. Don't you hate looking cute, but being so uncomfortable the whole time? It's a sacrifice we have all endured. I have now decided this outfit will be my go-to going out look whenever I don't have enough time or just don't know what to wear. So cheers to enjoying all the chocolate and sweets you want without having to fuss and fret about your clothes! 

Gifted Red Peplum Top ~ Romeo and Juliet Couture Leggings ~ Urban Outfitters Bracelet ~ Foreign Exchange Wedges

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