Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fort Fincastle

Day two in Nassau and we decide to take in a little history. Fort Fincastle is a small fort built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore (the Governor General of the Bahamas at that time) to defend the island. The Queen's Staircase are 66 steps carved out of limestone by slaves. It was insane thinking about that as I walked down them! Just imagine bending over in the unrelenting Bahamian heat, constructing stairs without modern tools. Kind of blows your mind. I love getting to know about history. I'm always curious about places and the stories they have to tell about people. Like this stone, the old trees, stories are hidden in them but they can never lie. They know what happened, they know the truth, but it's locked away in secrecy forever. Their depth is unfathomable. We as humans can only deduce what about history is the truth. Because we as humans are the only creatures who are able to lie. So we can never be sure.

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