Tuesday, July 30, 2013

A Bahamian Fourth

I know I'm incredibly behind post wise, but bear with me I'll catch up to the present soon. These shots are from July fourth in the Bahamas though, I have to say ironically enough it might have been the best Independence Day celebration I've ever experienced. We spent the day at the Aquaventure in Atlantis and also attended the fireworks celebration and carnival they set up in the evening. The beaches on Paradise Island are wonderful when not as many people are around, which is around sunset. We strolled there after an exhilarating day at the water park and it was just one of those places you let yourself get lost in. I didn't want to waste time doing anything else but drinking in the amazing panoramic views of foamy teal waves and golden warm sand. Just makes you think what a wonderful world, we had to leave the beach soon though to find spots to watch the fireworks. That was crazy. People everywhere, lines for lemonade, ice cream, carnival games, face paint, the works. Finally nine o'clock rolled around and after we appreciated any veterans in our midst the music and fireworks began. I must applaud whoever put the show together because the music went perfectly and evoked what I wanted to feel: patriotism, joy, wonder, and awe. The booms of the explosions never overshadowed the music and that is a commendable feat. Once the show ended we hopped into a taxi and ride over the bridge to the Hilton. While Atlantis does have it's perks, like fabulous amenities, I was glad that we stayed else where and avoided the mass tourists and noise. We went happily back to our hotel at the end of a fun day to peace and quiet. 

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