Thursday, November 15, 2012

Barney Goes to the Park

No the title is not an allusion to How I Met Your Mother, even though it is a great show. Yes, it is in connection between my pants and my favorite friendly purple dinosaur as a child. I have so many baby pictures with my stuffed Barney. So I know burgundy is really trendy for fall or "oxblood" as the fashion elite are referring to it. However, wearing maroon/burgundy/wine colors have really been a staple for me in fall seasons past (As you can tell from my previous two outfit posts I already have so much of it), so I am deeming magenta, fuschia, and mauve my it colors of autumn this year. Plus the term oxblood really just makes me shudder. I've always been scared to wear pinks and purples, even though purple happens to be one of my favorite colors. My wardrobe is like a haven for the neutral gal, well stocked with navy, cream, gray, and black. This year it is time to think out of the box (throwback one of my favorite childhood tv shows) and experiment with all these beautiful new hues. Brands could never really do pink and purple right until now, and I am very pleased with the broad array of shades I have to choose from. I hope y'all like these colors too because there shall be lots of shopping done to feed my mauv-gent-ia cravings. 

PS: Guess we know who will never be writing a dictionary or creating words because my little color mash-up above is pretty lame. But I hope everyone is enjoying November! I can't wait for my sister to come home, maybe she will even make a cameo on the blog. Sister outfit posts? I think yes! :)

Crocheted Tank: Urban Outfitters ~ Black Tank (underneath): Aerie ~ Pants: Urban Outfitters ~ Metallic Flats: H&M                 Photography & Editing by Nicole Duong

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