Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Post Thankgiving Non Leftover Lunch

   Sorry for not posting during thanksgiving break! I never really got around to taking outfit pictures, but more photos will be up very soon! These are some shots of my lunch from Saturday at the restaurant in LA called Lemonade. It was a nice break from all the leftover turkey sandwiches and ham I've eaten. I've been wanting to try Lemonade for awhile because it is formatted sort of like a school cafeteria but on the gourmet side. I ended up trying the herb chicken sandwich with an arugula salad. Not bad, but not a big fan. Also, I definitely had a hard time deciding what flavor lemonade I should get, they all sounded so interesting! Some flavors were: blueberry mint(my dad got this one, I didn't like it that much), cucumber mint (one i will have to try in the future), and the one I picked was watermelon rosemary. This flavor had a hint of sweetness from the watermelon and a peculiar (in a good way) refreshing quality from the rosemary. Even my brother enjoyed it and he hates vegetables and lives off of junk food. I also had some other vegetable sides that were very fresh and delicious but not pictured. And of course, with my sweet tooth I could not pass up their jumbo macarons. Those things were huge, like larger than my abnormally big hands for my 5'2" frame. I got the pistachio flavor and it was perfectly sweet and chewy, just as macarons should be. I totally forgot to photograph it until I was at my last bite! That just goes to show how good it was I guess. The decor and theme of the whole place was light and cute and I'm already planning my order for next time: Mac n cheese with jalepeno bacon that I tried from my brother and it was out of this world, the salted caramel macaron, and the cucumber mint lemonade. I wish all cafeterias were like this!

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