Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I am finally experiencing the Back to School Blues. The bug must've flown in on all this wind we've been having, but not to worry, Thanksgiving is just a little over a week away. I cannot wait to try a ton of fall inspired recipes from the food blog, Smitten Kitchen. I can't decide on whether to attempt the pumpkin or carrot cake pancakes. The orangeness of both seem so festive! Guess I'll just keep drooling over the scrumptious pictures on her site as I procrastinate starting my English outline and essay. That's what a block schedule is for right? To make it academically acceptable for scholars like myself to procrastinate because I do not have English tomorrow! Another thing I've been able to get away with is wearing this brilliant jacket with only a sheer tank top underneath. While this amazing mauve-y gray jacket is quite versatile and can go with many pieces in my wardrobe, I just couldn't resist wearing it out with this papery thin, brown/maroon cami. The thick structured element to the jacket contrasted very nicely with the breeziness of the tank pulling together a casual, cool outfit without the fuss. I can't wait to use this jacket with sweaters and scarves, so this weather better shape up and give me a proper autumn chill because I'm ready for it. Fuzzy socks and all.

Jacket: American Apparel ~ Tank Top: Aerie ~ Pants: Nordstrom Rack ~ Boots: Report
Photography and Editing by Nicole Duong

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