Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Merrily We Go

I had just tried to flip my hair up like all those tumblr girls do. I got this instead, of course.

Candid Random Skipping

Ok so I am definitely not a model. Photos usually end up one of two ways: me laughing to mask my awkwardness or me making we weird face because I am talking to mask my awkwardness. In all honesty, I really should be the one behind the camera because shooting me is just painful. I used to watch America's Next Top Model religiously, and theoretically, I know what poses look good and how to "smize." Except watching America's Next Top Model does not make you America's Next Top Model. I could name thirty top international models and tell you what ads they have done recently, but even with all my studying poses come out just plain wrong, and smizing is a talent the three little fairies from Sleeping Beauty DID NOT give me. I got stuck with the ability to make goat noises, inconsistent but extremely wavy hair, and crescent moon shaped eyes. Now this is what you call genetically ideal. So in short, the only pictures I actually like the best are the candid ones. But the rest didn't turn out half bad, and hooray for only half bad! 

Lace Top: Forever 21 ~ Shorts: Forever 21 ~ Tights: Aerie ~ Belt: Forever 21~ Necklace: Urban Outfitters ~ Boots: Report

New boots are definitely on the wishlist. I have been ordering and returning new ones for weeks, I am boot cursed! But that's what happens when you have size 9 feet that are wide and chicken legs (another gift from the fairies). What went down in the gene pool at my conception?! Experimentation that's what. Well they know what not to do now. 

Photos taken by Nicole Duong

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