Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gloom Room

      December is almost half way through, and the gray visage of winter is sweeping through along with the icy air. It has gotten so dreary and rainy these days that my whole friend group, unbeknownst to each others plans, have stayed home by our lonesomes letting the chill put our minds in entrancing reveries. Somehow the cold has cast a warning that all those who go out in it shall meet their doom. Well, at least that is just how I feel about it, but hey we have been studying Poe and Hawthorne in English and they might just be rubbing off. So this week to get out of house my friends and I have decided to plan a Christmas party, potluck and Secret Santa included. That ought to be the perfect thing to perk up our holiday spirit. Now all we need to do is finally go on that ice skating trip too. I am already planning cute outfits in my head. Except they all involve a cute skirt with tights and while in ice skating movies seem ideal, in reality for an amateur skater that still falls once in awhile, they're really not. Unless I enjoy icicles as limbs, you never know. I mean Ariel wanted to give up being a mermaid for legs... Ariel was my favorite Disney Princess but really?! I love to swim, and I would have killed to be a mermaid. But not literally, don't want Ursula popping up out of nowhere with a hit list for me. Anyway a random post but I was eager to show off my personal way to beating "Eeyore Syndrome." (Wow this post is full of my favorite childhood characters.) I strung up snowflake lights along the top of my bed, and they just make me smile when I walk into my room. Light a candle that smells like angel food cake from Anthropologie (the picture came out interestingly), and you are ready to hibernate like a very happy bear.

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