Sunday, December 2, 2012

I Heart SF

While trying to find the famous Lombard Street, we followed this one spiraling road up a hill only to find an amazing all around view of the city.  The lighting up there was almost ethereal shining down through the trees and onto the faces of all the tall buildings.

We found Lombard Street :)

Even in the summer, San Fran was cool and misty, it was quite refreshing.

Hoodie: stolen from my brother, it was colder than I expected ~ Sweater: Forever 21 ~ Purse: H&M ~ Jeans: Target

Ate my first whole crab here! The garlic parmesan fries are great as well!

The amazing structure at the top of the spiraling street we went up in search of Lombard Street.

Taken in Big Sur, I wouldn't mind living here either with its crisp air, hiking trails, and awesome views of the ocean and cliffs.  I am laughing at my uneven sleeves right now because it was quite chilly but nice at the same time so I couldn't make up my mind. Loving this top from Forever 21, neutral color blocking is very chic if you're intimidated by actual color blocking, and I love black and tan paired together.

Oh San Francisco, you just might have stolen my heart. I live a good drive away from The Golden Gate City, but I have been here many times. Up til now I thought there wasn't anything special about SF, but that might have been because I've only gone when i was considerably younger. And a child's view point certainly doesn't catch the vibe and wonder of a city. For example, I went to Europe the summer between seventh and eighth grade. It is hard not to understand the wonders that are Paris, Venice, Rome, and Switzerland, but looking back I know I would appreciate those journeys a lot more now. San Francisco has a lot more to see than just its bridges and the wharf. This city is an individual with a culture of its own. In AP United States History this year, we learned that San Francisco was a big part of why we wanted California. It is a natural protected bay and that allows an excellent place for trade to go on. Therefore it was called the Gem of the Pacific. We only spent one full day in the city and the rest in Monterey and Big Sur, a gorgeous and historical bay area about an hour from San Francisco, but I could definitely see my self moving there when I'm out of college. Hopefully, I get to come back for longer next summer.

(Photos taken the summer of 2012)

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