Tuesday, October 15, 2013


"Makin banana pancakes, pretend like it's the weekend now"

Oh dear. How I wish it was the weekend. So I could have a break, and laze about feeling pathetic about my little old sore throat. It is only Tuesday, and I am all tuckered out. Who else wants to sleep in and have someone make them breakfast? I actually made the pancake above so I guess I will be making myself pancakes. I am afraid there is no time, I have got a solid weekend planned with a long day of volunteering, followed by Halloween Horror Nights, and then partner projects I have to work on for school. Should I be blogging right now? Probably not, school should come first.. but Hamlet is just oh so dull. Don't hate me for that either, you either love or hate Shakespeare. I much prefer his sonnets to his plays, I wonder why? Fingers crossed this throat of mine doesn't give me trouble over the weekend. I am being proactive and staying hydrated, gargling warm water and salt, drinking tea, and taking vitamin C tablets. I will not give in! There's no room for sickness in my life. Try to keep healthy friends, Halloween fun is almost upon us!

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