Thursday, January 3, 2013

Pismo Pier

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last half of December! I got so busy with tests, Christmas shopping, and driving lessons. Whenever I am very stressed two things are bound to happen: breakouts and illness. History always repeats itself, and by Christmas Eve I was very sick. It seems like everyone came down with something this winter though so I don't blame my immune system, it did the best it could. So that put off our Christmas plans (I got half my family sick) to Vegas to visit family for a couple days, but we made the journey eventually. Finally we are back and everything isn't feeling hectic which I am very thankful for. Anyway, on New Year's Day, my family took a little trip up to Pismo Beach for a nice family outing. We have always passed Pismo in favor of Monterey and San Francisco, and it is about time we got to see it. The beach was so beautiful with wavy patterns on the sand where the tide washed up, and it was dotted with tiny white Pismo clam shells. It is illegal to take any from the beach unless you have a fishing license,so we settled for pictures. There were so many perfect pairs of shells and big sand dollars to marvel at, much appreciation to that law preventing them to be taken away from the beach. Later we went to an Italian restaurant just about 0.2 miles from the pier where we gorged on clam chowder, fresh bread, and lots of pasta. A great way to start off the new year with family, good food, and nature.

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