Tuesday, January 22, 2013

School, You Are The Reason I Will Have Carpal Tunnel

  Today I feel exactly like my naughty baby boo up there (he is most definitely not supposed to be on the counter): exhausted, too tired and lazy to take on the day, sadly looking out the window at this beautiful 75 degree JANUARY day. Did I forget to mention? It's Finals week. The cons of a block schedule is that you have two finals, one halfway through the year and then again at the end, but this year should be fun having to juggle two AP tests, the SAT, getting my license, and well just being a girl! Outfit posts should be up later in the week I promise, once all this hullabaloo has died down. I bought some great new pieces, and I have been saving some special ones to break out in amazing new outfits. Oh I can't even wait! I tried them all on today, in order to procrastinate of course! Hopefully this nice weather holds up because they all involve a bit of leg. Check back soon for new outfit tips from yours truly. Time to get back to vectors and studying for my math final, writing out my history terms, and researching for my in-class essay. P.S. I juggle on the side (sarcasm).

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