Thursday, January 17, 2013

Voir la ville

I know these are about two weeks overdue but better late than never right? I have been to Vegas so many times, but this time we explored the city a little more. The routine used to be stay at my cousins' house all day and play, then as we all got older we would spend most days at the mall and the buffets. This time however we went to some great tourist and local spots like the Cosmopolitan (definitely coming back, it is so pretty!), a local pho restaurant and boba shop, the Bellagio to see the decorations like we do every Christmas, and of course Planet Hollywood's Wicked Spoon Buffet and the Miracle Mile Shops (the Fashion Show Mall has no Urban Outfitters). Some places on my list to hit up next time are the Bouchon Bakery in the Venetian, Town Square Shopping Center, and Steak n Shake at South Point. I have been wanting to try Bouchon and Steak n Shake for ages, but I'll check 'em off my list soon. Anyway I have got to finish my math homework before swim practice, so I hope everyone has a great rest of their week! 

Sweater: Asos ~ Pants: Nordstrom, forgot the exact brand ~ Flats: Urban Outfitters ~ Bag: Juicy Couture

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