Sunday, September 29, 2013


I always say that I just want to drift through life. Like as a swimmer, I love floating and staring at the sky aka drifting. I just want to let life take me like the water does as long as there is promise of a killer view and soundtrack. So with cooler days approaching, the community pool is going to become the Arctic and mellow drives will have to suffice. Drifting is nice in the way it helps you think, and I love thinking. In fact, I am an overthinker. So it is nice in the way it helps me not think and just enjoy as well. I love how the simplest things are the best to help unwind. Just shows that we really have to shed some of our new-fangled (oh dear I hope that is a word, I vaguely recall reading it in historical fiction books, but I hope y'all know what I mean) ideals of activity and just let ourselves be. So please enjoy the dash of a Mini I drove recently superimposed on the road at night, and the back view of a car driving down the PCH. I guess they mean keep an eye on your speed and the view from the back is nice every once in a while. So I will end with the customary conclusion of Youtuber Louis Cole, " Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure."

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