Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Grove

I know I have been talking about thought stimulation, but hey can't deprive the other senses either! What better place for both than at the Grove/Farmer's Market with a free concert! The day was filled with the perusing of stores, sampling of favorites (Loteria enchiladas and white chocolate covered gummy bears from Dylan's), and sweet, sweet nostalgia. I do love me my free concerts, and the Backstreet Boys was an extra special treat. Despite standing in a sweaty crowd for hours and a girl with horridly synthetically colored red hair elbowing my back until she got in front of me, the music made it all (somewhat) okay. And after getting out of the structure was a frozen nightmare (we moved twenty feet in two hours), parking was astronomical because we left three hours after we paid. We were not trying to cheat the system at all that was just how slowly the traffic in the structure was moving! Leading us to the moral of the story: just go pay to see BSB in concert. It is sooo worth it.

*Concert happened back in July*

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