Sunday, September 15, 2013

An Acquired Taste

After talking about things I really don't like last week, let's talk about some things I do. Today I am sharing things I have previously abhorred but have now grown on me. 

1. Snakeskin 
Snakeskin used to be soo tacky. However, lately I have been appreciating accessories of it in new neutrals or pastels. Picture a delicate stiletto in pale pink or mint. Ugh just to die for. Just stay away from the usual black, gray, and white print, the goal here is subtlety.

2. Turtlenecks
My mom would try to put me in these as a child, but I always felt like I was being strangled. Now I have an oversized marled sweater with a short, loose turtleneck on my wish list for fall. The key here is the looser version, it helps me cope with feeling like my neck is being attacked.

3. Tweed
I used to think tweed was something only  old secretary ladies with no fashion sense wore. I must say the modern take on it by jcrew and other stores has caught my attention with the introduction of neon colors to the fabric. Also keeping my eye out for a tweed mini in a neutral color like white or pale pink.

4. Hiking Boots
You could not get me into hiking boots as a kid, I just would not have it. My dad was always so frustrated with me about it. I called this coming into fashion back when combat boots first became a trend.  I hated the fake leathery look of combat boots, so I tried to come up with an alternative. I ultimately decided on Timberland hiking boots, but I never ended up acting upon this decision.

5. Pony Hair
Pony hair used to give me the heebeegeebees. Is that even spelled right.. Oh well ya get what I mean. That is until I saw a mannequin made of green pony hair in Nordstrom and then I fell in love. Pony hair in black and calf/ sort of leopard print is the way to go. I also strangely love stroking my pony hair belt whenever I wear it. i'm just weird though.

6. Skulls (to a degree)
My dad hates skull prints. That seemed to be instilled in me up until present times. My friend has a shirt with little filigree skulls dotting it and I was converted. Don't get me wrong I still don't like them that much and the are overused, but if I ever find a similar print I'm buying it! Sorry to copy Victoria!

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