Thursday, September 5, 2013

Not an Apology

Well haven't I been a handful. You all probably were not prepared for those two intense posts, and I guess neither was I. My thoughts in the moment had to be set free, and who was I to stop them. I want to state now that my blog will no longer be chiefly fashion oriented. From the start I have called Coast of Kings a "lifestyle blog," and now I think it truly is one. A lifestyle does not merely consist of what one does or wears or eats, but instead I believe one's life philosophy is the basis of it all. What causes us to wear this or eat that or act a certain way. This blog is not only a project that serves as practice for a career in journalism or an addition to college applications (the two honest original purposes). From now on it shall always be a tool. A tool that I will use to find myself. To put my thoughts down, sort through them, and make decisions about everything.  A place where I can make my own rules. I have complete creative control. It will also be an instrument that I will use to reach one of my life goals: reaching people through a message. I want to help people think, aspire, and dream. When I am not content with things, I think of a way to change it. While I cannot always implement a change, this blog will forevermore be a way that I can. I am not satisfied with this world and society. And I will not be done until I have made my mark.

With this established, we will be continuing on with more light hearted matters like fashion, travel, etc. Those are the more tangible areas of my lifestyle. I think I just hated that all the bloggers I have idolized haven't done much more. Sure they might have broken out and become entrepreneurs in their own rights, but I find myself ultimately lacking something in their blogs. I was lacking stimulating thought. Just now there is room for both here at Coast of Kings. 

Liberation by means of frivolity and philosophical fecundity.

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