Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Cool Cat

I know I said I did not like the excessive use of cat prints that are on clothes right now. However, I was mostly referring to the blown up digital versions of cats that get slapped onto just about everything. I happen to be a cat person though, and it was just natural for me to have a cat shirt. I bought this shirt last year because it simplified the print to a simple scattering of a black silhouette. From a distance, the black and white print can be mistaken for normal polka dots, however, upon closer inspection, cats are distinguished giving insight into my personality. The subtlety of this shirt makes it so extremely versatile, I find myself wearing it with everything. People at school especially liked it when I paired it with this textured cobalt skirt. This outfit was such a no-brainer that the rave reaction took me by surprise. I could have sworn everyone was in on some kind of joke, that was how much praise my ensemble received. Not to brag in anyway of course. I never dress for the compliments; I simply wear what I like. Along the way, a compliment or two keeps me motivated though! ;)

Urban Outfitters Shirt ~ ASOS Skirt ~ J.Crew Suede Flats

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