Sunday, September 22, 2013


Obligatory Selfie

Boy is life getting busy. School is beginning to feel like school again, I recently took the ACT (don't get me started - we are simply not given enough time), the SAT is sneaking up on me, the homecoming dance is soon and I haven't found a suitable dress, and college applications are beginning to open. How will I ever remember to do it all? Plus The Mindy Project and New Girl just came back with Vampire Diaries on its way! Time needs to have a pause button. Statement pieces like this skirt I wore to a friend's eighteenth birthday are absolutely essential when you want to look cute in a time crunch. The ACT was yesterday morning, and I was so pooped when I got home that I forgot about the party until my dad reminded me. So I quickly threw this outfit together and rushed off. I am so glad I bought it back in the summer; I was a bit conflicted because I didn't think I needed another skirt. The sale price however convinced me and I am very pleased with my purchase. Besides the stellar print, I especially love the almost muted combination of teal, orange, and white. It is very unconventional to me, and I think they shall be my new fall colors. Actually quite unconventional because up until this year, I have had a strong aversion to all things orange. I did dip my toes in though with a creamsicle nail polish this summer, it was literally on my toes hehe. Anyway I got numerous compliments on the skirt throughout the night, so mission accomplished. I just hope college apps will be as easy as throwing this outfit together. Wish me luck! If I don't post much in October/November that would be why. So see y'all on the flip side.

Wow did I just say type that. I saw it in someone's tweet an thought it sounded cool. He doesn't even know what it means and neither do I. Oh slang these days.

Shoutout to Jason my brother who thinks blogging is "stupid" which therefore makes me "lame." Or was it the other way around? Oh well, he still took these photos for me so thanks little brother, I guess I'll make it up to you with Taco Bell?

Skirt: Zara ~ Tank: Aerie ~ Wedges: Foreign Exchange

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