Monday, August 5, 2013

A Pleasant Surprise

We had to leave Seattle after two days to get going with the rest of my college visits. I was extremely distraught because the day we left VS angel Candice Swanepoel was in Seattle as a stop on the VS Swim Tour. I absolutely love her, and wanted to go meet her so badly but it wasn't in store for me that day. To be honest, my heart broke a little bit and I wished we weren't leaving. Fate however always has a funny way of making things up, and as we stopped in a small town near Washington's border to stay overnight at my uncle's new house, I was in for a fantastic new awakening. A couple hours passed and we found ourselves driving through a very small town. A couple sharp rights and unbelieving eyes later we arrived at my uncle's house. The Pacific Northwest is really a hidden gem. You don't hear much talk about people wanting to go to Washington and Oregon. It isn't the first place on a person's bucket list. So when you come, nothing is really expected. Well I think that is just how they like it. That way the land can dazzle without bias. The mood here is just life. Everything is fresh and green, fish are leaping out of the lake, berries grow wildly, and geese can be spotted congregating by the water. Even though these spots have been touched or even ruined by civilization, they still retain a vigor and sereneness that makes you feel like you came upon it in the time of Lewis and Clark. The area bestowed upon me such a happiness that I regretted ever thinking I should forego the detour to my uncle's house to stay in the city and meet a model. How long would that happiness have lasted me? An hour? A day? I will never know I guess, but I know that this natural invigoration and appreciation for life and passion to be apart of it will be apart of my soul forever. Like a proper romantic, I wholeheartedly believe that unhappiness can stem from a lack of nature. People get cooped up with their lives indoors with work or  slothfulness, that they forget they can take a step outside. Just take in a deep breath. Get away from the stale air and live again. If we were designed to live inside all the time we all might as well have moved underground. The earth has so many beautiful surprises, and I thank God everyday for creating a world like this to live in.  I just hope with all my heart I get to find even half of them. So a bit of advice to everyone, you are so blessed. You are blessed with life and this earth. Make the most of it. Don't get hung up on the stupid little things and waste your precious time. Go out and find something or someone that gives you an incredible feeling, and don't let go. Keep it with you always for when it is just one of those days. Then you will know you always have something to live for and look forward to. I hate to end on a preposition like that but oh well, I wish you all a good rest of your day friends! 

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