Monday, August 26, 2013

Farm Fresh Bounty

We are now in the home stretch! I start school in two days, TWO! Now I don't mind so much that the season is ending but I will miss the summer produce. I love the farmers' market every Saturday morning. I walk around with my mom and hold the bags, and usually I am rewarded with fresh kettle corn or newly made tamales from the stands. Fruits and vegetables during this season are seriously the best. I mean strawberries are at their sweetest up 'til July, watermelon is good anytime, and don't get me started on tomatoes. It is like Demeter herself put all her happy TLC into these brightly colored beautes. Summer makes me love tomatoes again. It also makes me want to take my healthy habits into the school year. I plan on making more of my lunches (saves money too) instead of grabbing fast food. I'm thinking homemade Greek salad or turkey wraps, alternating spreads between sour cream, salsa, or hummus, just to keep it interesting. This should help me stray from my carb heavy diet. Or if I fall off the wagon and cave, I could pre-cook some whole wheat pasta and mix it with some veggies the night before. Both options are still better than my usual chicken nuggets kid's meal at the Habit (I will admit I also get a shake, but I do not upgrade to the adult size, gotta rein it in somewhere). Let's hope I can stay on track though, fall is the notorious beginning to the comfort food half of the year. But you can always indulge if you're gonna put a little cardio in somewhere. Fo me it isn't really about being skinny, the way I see it is that you are going to have one body for the rest of your life, so take care of it. Predispositions to diseases already run in the family, let's not help the head start right? The elderly ladies I used to volunteer at the library with always told me to take care of myself before I start getting old. That's when everything seems to break down. I fully intend to heed their advice. But they definitely were not helping with all the cupcakes and cookies they kept bringing in every week! Humans... they talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

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