Monday, August 5, 2013

Sleeveless in Seattle: The Sequel

One of the best ways to get to know a city is by trying the local eats. One place that we were recommended to go to by a friend of my sister's who lives just outside of Seattle was The Walrus and The Carpenter. This seafood restaurant was literally a hole in the wall, we walked past it and were so confused. There was a coffee shop at the address not a seafood place. That is until we saw a small glass door with the Walrus and Carpenter sign. The door led to a long hallway that we followed to a tiny area with tall tables and an oyster bar. We waited quite awhile to be seated because both the inside and patio area were completely filled. So my brother and I walked around the neighborhood for a little bit to kill time. That is where I found this huge painted wall and took some selfies for the blog myself because my brother wouldn't help me. Once inside and seated though we were in for a whirlwind of dishes we have never had before. My brother who essentially lives off of chicken tenders, fries, burgers, and Panda Express was not pleased with his dish. He was definitely surprised by his smoked trout and lentils being cold, but it's smoked fish what can you do? I ordered fried oysters and shared a watermelon panzanella with my mother. Since it was my first time trying oysters, I didn't quite know if I liked them. They are ridiculously soft and mushy which I did not exactly care for but they tasted fine. The breading however is what helped me get over the sensation, the seasoning was herby and deliciously crispy and crumby, not like a soggy batch of fish and chips. I have to say though the star of the show was the panzanella. It was unlike anything I had ever heard of, but the combination was the epitome of summer. Sweet perfectly pink squares of watermelon, toasted croutons of fresh bread, basil, and chunks of creamy feta all tossed in an oil and vinaigrette dressing. Wow I could not get enough. This place makes me look forward to new food adventures in Seattle, and just enhances the feeling that Seattle is a place of inspiration for me. Oh please, please let me make this wonderful city my home in the future!

~ Shades and Top from Urban Outfitters ~

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