Monday, August 5, 2013

Skate Date

A decent walk down from my uncle's house and you reach the edge of the lake, a playground, and this skate park. I was entirely delighted that no one was there, and we had it all to ourselves for pictures. And for sliding down the ramps in a very unladylike fashion me being in a skirt and all, but there are no pictures of that. Ok there is a video of me doing it, but there's no way it is going up on here! We had taken a morning walk with my uncle's dogs and let me tell you, it was freezing that morning. I took off my cardigan and braved the wind to bring you these pictures. I had to! The cardigan did not match my outfit and I only packed so many warm things. Weather reports should really take into account wind temperature because it was not in the 70 degree range that morning. Even in the cold I wanted to wear this outfit because I planned to wear it on this day, and I was not deviating from the plan. I love the cute little librarian feel to this skirt. The A-line is completely flattering, buttons add interest, and the corduroy fabric brings in texture. I paired it with a light and wispy cami with a black and white triangle scheme to keep with the neutral bookish look while still being girly. I always kind of disagreed when people said that style reflected one's personality. I went through a stud phase, and I am the least punky, grungy, tough girl out there. Well I would say I am tough but not physically, just mentally. Style is has always been whatever I am attracted to or what look/ feel I want to emit for that day. But I guess those people who say it reflects personality can be right to some degree. I feel like Spencer from Pretty Little Liars whenever I wear this skirt. I must confess that their outfits are like the only reason I keep watching it. I could never fit into one specific style though. I like a little bit of everything, but I have always liked the idea of having a defined style. It is like a place you belong. Oh well, I've never even had a solid friend group until now! I am usually the girl who is friends with everyone, being close to select people in various groups, and there's nothing wrong with that. Might be because adaptability and understanding are huge parts of my life philosophy. Those are some of the qualities I pride myself in. I guess I'm a Chameleon for life :)

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