Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oregon Eats

Wow I will not go starving if I end up going to the University of Oregon in Eugene. They have the cutest local eats. I had gnocchi at Noli Italian Cafe. Even though it was piping hot it was so delicious I probably finished the whole plate in eight minutes, and I had to just sit there waiting for everyone else to finish their meals. They also had art on every wall that was for sale from local artists. I think it was an excellent way to furnish the place and help out the community. After a lovely dinner, we went next door to Sweet Life Patisserie. Before we went into Noli we had seen everyone outside with their little treats and gorgeous cups of hot cocoa and espresso. So we all saved room for a little sweet. The place was so cute with so many tantalizing options. I ended up with a cannoli and chocolate mousse. I was also eyeing the abundance of meringues but we had already paid when I saw them. The cannoli was nothing special but the mousse was very good. It had an edible chocolate cup (which I saved and ate the next day) and the mousse was thick and rich. It was real cocoa which is appreciated. I also shared a hot chocolate with my sister but it was more than we could handle. So we left with our bellies contented and with a little bit of a sugar high, although that was probably just me.

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