Friday, August 2, 2013

Tourist Take 2

Finally! I am now getting around to posting about the week after the Bahamas. I have so much fun content that I cannot wait to get up, so bear with my nostalgia. The last time I was in Seattle I don't think I acted like very much of a tourist. Unless seeing your first concert is a touristy thing to do (It was the band Boys Like Girls and we were in some small joint that was definitely a fire hazard) but it was July again.  I know because we watched the fireworks with all the locals on some hill by the water. I know that doesn't sound like much of a recollection, but trust me, my hippocampus is usually pretty stellar with details. Except this trip was quite a while ago, and all I pretty much remember are feeling memories. Like walking down the streets of Seattle neighborhoods in the sunshine, picking out which houses I would want to live in as we passed by, or sitting on a blanket waiting for fireworks and drinking in the hustle and bustle that is well, the Fourth of July in America, or trying roasted corn with chili and cheese and all that bad stuff they put on there that makes it taste like a heaping golden cob of flavor sent from heaven. So basically that trip was just happiness for me, thanks to sunshine, people, and food. This time around I wanted to take in all the "popular" sights we hadn't done last time. Aka Pike's Place and the Space Needle. Unfortunately these hot spots amounted to about two hours of fun (1 1/2 hrs at Pike's & 30 min. at the Space Needle). The brunt of our time at Pike's was spent eating, followed by buying touristy shirts, followed by just standing around. Also, I wouldn't recommend making a point of physically being in front of the Space Needle unless you pay to go to the top. But that required energy that we all really did not care to exert, and we ended up all napping back at our hotel in the University District. This day totally reinforced my ideal to do as the locals do and reinforced  the value of privacy. By privacy I mean being free from the oppression of other tourists. So when you are visiting a new city see a small concert or show and mingle with the locals. Of course go ahead and throw in some tourist attractions because heck why miss them while you're there, but learn to just go with the flow. Now I know, having experienced some of Seattle, that I could see myself living here. That is a prospect I am really looking forward to.

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