Friday, August 2, 2013

Sleeveless in Seattle


Now that we have established that I would love to live in Seattle, here is how I hopefully end up doing it. As a newly minted high school senior (someone remind me to change the about me page hehe), college visits are necessary as I will inevitably be applying to places come fall. So why should I pay to apply if the school would not be a good fit? I must say college visits have become my summer guilty pleasure. I get up, look cute, learn (because I am first and foremost a nerd), see beautiful places, and possibly see cute boys. That's right, cute boys at the school are in fact a factor that I am taking into account in deciding the next step of my educational career. However, one of the deciding factors is the atmosphere. At the University of Washington, the admissions counselor stressed that passion and drive and creativity are what they are looking for in a UDub student. Oh and if I loved typing, I would list out the "How Do You Know UDUB Is Right For You?" section from the brochure because it screamed my life philosophy. Plus the environment is out of this world. As you can see pictures were taken on campus in the quads and at the fountain in Rainier Vista. My oh my, the view of Mt. Rainier on that clear day. Mesmerizing. Oh and if only I could describe the air. Cool mountain air so crisp it sharpens the senses, you see clearer and colors are brighter, and smell. The smell of the air is just lovely. I wish I could bottle it because it felt like it renewed the soul. I am telling ya, the view is so distracting up there but in a good way. One that inspires and uplifts. Now I have realized I have only been to Seattle in mild weather when the skies were clear and the sun shining. However, I am mentally prepared to endure the cold, wet, and gray because I will just do cozy things inside. Or stay inside and study, yes, that is a better mindset, I shall study the cold and gray away. In one of their beautiful beautiful libraries. Where they hold the world's largest book depicted above. The book is comprised of all digital art put together by Harvard (Oh I hope that's right, I think it's right.. that or MIT kids) students who wanted to prove the resolution of digitals was still quality when blown up to a very large size. Like how I threw those facts in there casually. I fact dump sometimes. Just dump all this knowledge that I find interesting on people, but then I realize it might have been too amazing for them all at one time and they couldn't really appreciate what I was saying (or didn't care :p ). So then I try to fact dump sparingly. People are usually surprised by how many seemingly insignificant things I pick up. In eighth grade my English teacher dubbed me the Queen of Obscure Facts/Things Nobody Would Know. He was a pretty cool teacher. Wow hope y'all have enjoyed this ramble. I mean I had fun writing it, and I don't think I got too far off topic. I think I should stop here because I am continuing the rest of this day in the next post. If ya made it down here thanks for staying with me more reminiscent rambles are on their way!

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*Huge Horrible Looking Bug Bite courtesy of those considerate Pennsylvania Bugs*

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