Friday, August 16, 2013

Summer Days Off The 405

I like to think of this one as me and my sister hehe.

 We took a little trip down to one of my favorite places in LA: The Getty! I love being outside and admiring the sculptures and the gardens. When you get too warm it is time to check out the the nicely air conditioned exhibits.  My favorite past exhibits were Klimt and this one photographer, wow I really can't recall his name, but he was an editorial photographer in fashion and everything was black and white. I think I liked his photos because the black and white were so dynamic with his use of light. I wanted to keep things really simple so I could move freely but still be warm when it got dark, so I wore a simple maxi in a brilliant color to keep things fun. I did have a turquoise bracelet on but I took it off and I don't remember why. More on why we stayed 'til night in the next post. Hope you enjoy the shots of my little slice of LA heaven.

H&M Maxi ~ Old Navy Flip Flops ~ Forever 21 Tote 

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