Sunday, August 25, 2013

Summer Sounds

I have decided to start a mini series about the sound tracks of the seasons of my life. This year has just been a breakthrough to me. I think I've gained a confidence and understanding that will ever be unique to me. I have figured out that I want to convey feelings in every medium possible. Feelings are so universal. Hate, Love, Contentment, despair, all encompass a part of the human experience. Yet the varying amplitudes in which they happen to a person in a specific moment are what sets each of our experiences apart. Each measure of an emotion can be captured through film, photography, literature, art, etc. Music is a special unit of measurement in the way a melody can fill your entire being up while words add depth. You can take music and attach it to a moment and it becomes apart of your story. So with that this mini series is an ever evolving log of myself. But I guess this could also be you just finding some great new artists to add to your repertoire. Hey I'm pleased with that too. 

1. Animal Shapes (album) by Geographer - discovered them thanks to the Getty. They give off a mellowness and a whimsy through the creative use of cello and synthesizers, but the lead vocalist and lyrics balance it out with a straightforward simplicity. Also check out a newer song called Lover's Game. Animal shapes is a bit older just because I usually find people's old stuff to be better.

2. Kitsune maison compilation 12: The Good Fun Edition (album) by various artists - I love most of this album when I want to listen to something good and fun. So kudos to the people at kitsune maison for putting together an incredible compilation that satisfies the name.

3. The Neighborhood (albums: I'm Sorry and I Love You) - My sister actually went to high school with the lead singer Jesse Rutherford, and I'm incredibly jealous because I was just a couple years behind! I love Jesse as lead vocals, he really has a nice quality to his voice. The lyrics and beats are really fresh and young, and overall just good music to chill to, whether you're cruising around or cleaning your room. I am also a huge fan of their music videos and cover art, the black, gray, and white scheme reinforces a moodiness that just defines the band and their music. 

4. Lana Del Rey - I had a little bit of a problem with her at first. I refused to even give her music a shot because all the wannabe hipsters were head over heels for her, and there was no way in hell I was joining them. But as it happens one of my best friends is actually a semi hipster (music wise at least) and she would always play her in the car as we went out to lunch. I found myself inquiring about her and after embarrassingly being told it was Lana Del Rey (like I've been living under a rock) I caved and listened to her songs. She has such a uniqueness in her musicality and overall presence. Plus the lyrics are so intriguing, I guess you can say I am in on the infatuation now too.

5. Maiden & Pilgrim by Mø - I found her while perusing the set list of Iceland airwaves. I believe she is Danish, but it doesn't matter what she is, girl's got sick beats.  I think I would describe it as Euro electo pop, but just have a little listen and you'll see.

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